What Do You Get When You Mix 2 Quaaludes, 2 Cocktails and a Porn Star?

For whatever reason, it has been assumed that there was a revolving door on my life to allow for this endless stream of men that I apparently dated. That was so far from reality which was that I scared the crap out of most men, and  that I  rarely dated; if at all. That coupled […]

Cockpits & Cocktails # 12


Well gosh darn it, but working as a flight attendant was the most fun job that I have ever had……… and it sure didn’t take me long to get used to my new lifestyle.  I didn’t even mind that my entire life was now contained within one piece of carry on luggage and a garment […]

You Are Here….and Where the Hell is That Again? # 11

The reality of working in a tube full of disease carrying ever-changing strangers isn’t for everybody.  A few people dropped out of the program after the first week because it wasn’t for them. There were those who loved the job, but couldn’t stop throwing up long enough to get through a flight. We only had […]

My Name is Redfield, Stacey Redfield # 10

So what do you get when you put a couple of hundred people in a motel who are outgoing, fun to be around and can party like rock stars? You got it! That’s Flight Attendant training. Picture Barbie boot camp with the hair, makeup and high heel requirements; except we are being trained to serve […]

AIY to JFK to PHL to MDW and Back # 9

Taking a job as a flight attendant was my ticket out of Atlantic City. Oh sure everyone told me “You will miss the money” but I knew better. There are two things about life that I have learned through experience. One is that you should learn how to depend on yourself to make a living. […]

Oh The Glamorous Life – # 8


  Living in Atlantic City was definitely an experience. Not that it was terrible, I mean seriously, what wasn’t there to like about it? I slept until noon, laid on the beach all day and didn’t have to be at work until 9:00 at night. I worked until 3 AM and then hit the clubs […]

Coffee, Soda or Juice # 7

stacey cocktail waitress

I feel that I need to touch on my past briefly in order for the present, and possibly the future to  make any sense. It might not work, but let’s give it a whirl anyway. I got my first job when I was still in High School because my mom wouldn’t let me wear blue jeans. […]